Our projects, 2020-2022

Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery fund

2023 and onwards – no new applications will be accepted

Over the last few years we have funded more than 40 projects undertaken by community groups in the Cobargo area. You can view our summary of funded CCBRF projects (PDF).

In 2023 we will report back to the community on these projects through regular updates to this website. We will also continue to support beautification, public art and landscaping projects.

Acquittal Form – if you haven’t done so already, please submit an acquittal form for your CCBRF funding.


From the archive – our application form

For anyone who would like to understand the work of the Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery Fund from 2020 to 2022, these are the funding criteria we used in our project selection process.

Criteria for project funding

Applications can only be submitted via the online application form and must be lodged by the second Thursday of each month.

You must have discussed your project with a member of the CCBRF fund team before making your application.

All applications must:
1. directly align with two or more of the project priority areas set out at www.cobargorecoveryfund.com Your application should show clearly how your project addresses the priorities.
2. include a detailed written budget – without this your application will not be considered
3. include a detailed project implementation plan with clearly identified milestones. Large projects may be asked to provide business plans.
4. include letters of support and evidence of consultation

The form has no automatic save function, so please save as a Word document on your computer as you go.

Detailed project documents may be attached under the BUDGET field.

Programs and Project Priority Areas

The range and scope of what can be done will be determined by the size of the fund. Some projects may be decided solely by the Fund committee; larger projects may require extensive community consultation. Projects must be targeted to meet community needs and be delivered or auspiced by an appropriate organisation.

Applicants must be able to demonstrate evidence of community consultation and support. The fund is not designed to meet emergency relief needs, nor to duplicate relief efforts being undertaken by other not-for-profit organisations or government agencies.

The fund is not intended to fund private business submissions for startup costs or large capital items, such as vehicles. Applications must include a detailed budget.

Only funding applications that aim to meet one (or multiple) priority areas listed below will be considered.
Project Priority Areas:

  1. Projects that seek to restore the morale and confidence of the Cobargo and regional community. Applications
    should outline how projects will:
    ● ensure an inclusive approach to recovery that engages the community;
    ● address the mental and emotional responses arising out of trauma;
    ● focus on vulnerable people or groups within our community
  2. Projects that support the continuing development of a creative culture in Cobargo and the district, aligning
    with the objectives in Priority 1.
  3. Projects that support the continuing development of an active sports/physical culture in Cobargo and the
    district, particularly sports activities, aligning with the objectives in Priority 1.
  4. Projects that support the development or restoration of community facilities and spaces. Applications should
    outline how projects will benefit community and how they will consult with community in the design, implementation
    and evaluation of the project.
  5. Projects that seek to restore and diversify the local economy. Applications should outline how projects will
    ● save and create jobs;
    ● encourage business renewal and diversification, including in the farm sector.
  6. Projects that are focused on environmental rehabilitation, including:
    ● river restoration;
    ● revegetation;
    ● native animal conservation and repopulation;
    ● weed management or feral animal management.
  7. Improve the disaster resilience of our communities including support for:
    ● the building of a safe haven;
    ● assessments and practical projects to improve village disaster preparedness;
    ● efforts to strengthen critical infrastructure that employ regenerative practices, including micro-grids, solar
    farms and similar.
  8. Support and implement projects designed to restore tourism confidence in the region and attract visitors back to the area, including (but not limited to) the arts, music and cultural sector.
    The fund welcomes applications from community groups in Cobargo and our local area. Intending applicants must first contact the committee at cobargofund@gmail.com. A member of the committee will contact you to discuss your project so please include a phone number. Formal applications must be lodged online via this form:

Apply Here


Acquittal Form

If you received funding from CCBRF and haven’t yet filled out our acquittal form, please do so as soon as you can. Thank you!