New Projects

Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery fund

New Projects

Feathertail Glider (this one was rescued days after the NYE fires on Peak Alone).

The Cobargo Community Bushfire Recovery Fund committee met on 17 September and approved two grants.

Kate Ogden and the Cobargo Preschool received $5,500 for a wildlife habitat box project. Kate and the preschool will work with children, parents, local residents and private property owners to build and install these boxes in the local area.

This project addresses environmental rehabilitation, animals (an incredibly vulnerable group within our community).

It can take up to 70 years for a tree to mature and create a hollow which serves as nesting place for these precious animals. We are helping them along by building boxes that are specially designed for each species needs. Target species include Glossy Black Cockatoos, Brush tail possums, Pygmy possums, Sugar gliders, Lorikeets, Microbats, Feathertail gliders.

The second grant of $8500 will support a community arts project developed by the Cobargo Wellness Group Inc. “GINGER THE FROG” uses story, theatre & songs to entertain & assist the community to counter negative feelings resulting from trauma. This project is designed for children & families & uses simple animal characters to tell a complex story of transformation & recovery. One of the animals has lost his home in a bushfire.

The grant will be used to fund a series of “GINGER THE FROG” previews & workshops for our local communities, will engage participants in a range of activities focusing on developing creative skills, developing wellbeing practices & building confidence, and provide critical feedback about the project that can be incorporated into the final product. It will also provide a springboard for opportunities for further community arts collaborations & sustainable projects. This project will promote Cobargo as a vibrant creative arts hub.

The project team has identified a need amongst children to find a way to process & talk about the experience of the bushfires, a challenge further compounded by the restrictions of Covid-19.

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